Must Be Nice

I’ve found a thing they never tell you about parenthood

(I think there may be too many to warn expecting parents about),

is how emotional a morning can be even before the sun comes up.

It is beyond me how a 3 year old can be an emotional rollercoaster by 7 am….but they sure can be. It started typical enough with hugs, saying good morning to sister, and talk of what we want for breakfast. I was told cereal (pause)…no, oatmeal AND cereal. I verified oatmeal and the TYPE of cereal, which ended up being two different kinds mixed in.

Okay. I got to mixing and getting both bowls ready.

Halfway through is when our sweet little child realized there were two different cereals in his oatmeal…which apparently isn’t okay anymore.

It must have a joke when he said yes both cereals. So now crying and yelling starts. Then throwing whatever is in reach. I try to calmly explain that was what he said he wanted. I tried to say I could scoop what he didn’t want out and he doesn’t need to behave like this when he doesn’t want something. Then more crying with a little spitting (which really pisses me off…especially when I ask three different times to stop).

Then I go on to the whole, if you keep throwing and spitting then you get a time out and sit in your room.

Time out happened twice……..Now two of us are yelling/screaming. To keep my sanity, I stop scolding and try ignoring his fit and feed child #2 (who is just sitting in her highchair watching all of this unfold). A little bit of the craziness subsides. He starts to eat again after I tell him I’ll just throw his breakfast away since he doesn’t want it.

A couple minutes later Grandma shows up to take them so I can go to work. As I start my goodbyes the rollercoaster starts its spiral. Now its because I’m leaving and he doesn’t want me to go.  I closed the door to the screams of “I want my momma!!”

It. is. SEVEN A.M. !!!!!

I think the kids got up a little after six…so with in 30-45 minutes I experienced the feeling of wanting to give my kid away and feeling awful for leaving them. How? … HOW? #thatsmotherhoodbitch  just kidding, but kind of not.

Must be that wonderful saying ringing true “Parenthood is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world”

Lately I have had to remind myself to get my real camera out instead of just my phone to take photos. I didn’t document all of the emotional rollercoaster we experience throughout the day, so I guess I’ll just have to rely on my memory for now.


Sometimes we stay in our pjs well past 10:00

Every once in a while I’ll catch myself thinking “Oh must be nice” when I hear people without kids talk about sleeping in or picking up and going somewhere. Oh you got 7 hours of sleep and then you had to get YOURSELF ready AND eat breakfast in peace? Yeah that does sound stressful. Must be nice….

But this,


this is nice too.

Perfect actually!

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