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Choosing clothes for a photo session (for some reason) is a very stressful task. You’re trying to find something that fits everyone, something that doesn’t clash, something that is season appropriate, or even something that is location appropriate. The list can go on.

My family and I had our family photos done for the first time since our second was born and after days of thinking and laying out options I finally found something I was happy with.

I found this Pinterest scheme that I used for a little inspiration.

I knew we were doing photos outside under our tree which had pink flowers blooming.

I also knew I really wanted my daughter in this super cute jumper type outfit, which had little pink flowers on it also. So from there I found my husband a olive green shirt and based the rest of the outfits around that.

I am a fan of solid colors in my photos. Too many stripes or details distracts me and looks too busy.

I guess we will have to wait to see how the photos turned out to see if these outfits really worked out huh!!

Something else to think about while picking outfits is the weather. Dressing for the weather is especially helpful when it comes to keeping the kids happy and cooperative. We did our photos at 8 in the morning. I didn’t really think about the fact that it was still a little chilly out, especially since we were in the shade…..AND there was a little breeze. Miss Millie was not impressed with it while she was in her tiny strapped jumper. Lesson learned. Practice what you preach, am I right??

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