Lauren|| W-K {Class of 2018}

On this dreary and wet Saturday morning, lets go back to the week in October when it was sunny and 70 degrees! I met Lauren downtown Wabasha to start off her senior session. Town was buzzing with everyone enjoying the last of the fall festivities. Luckily we live along the beautiful river valley and can…Read more Lauren|| W-K {Class of 2018}

Meet Jake | Senior {class of 2018}

Jake came down to be eaten alive by mosquitoes while we photographed his senior session. Seriously, we were swarmed. There was a spot by my house I have been wanting to use for a while now. We started out there first and I instantly regretted it. Tall grass, open water and summer  don't mix well…Read more Meet Jake | Senior {class of 2018}

They Have Chosen

Be on the look out for more of  the "I Choose" campaign St. Elizabeth's Medical Center is running. This Wabasha, Minnesota hospital is getting to the bottom of why their employees and patients from the community and surrounding areas choose St. Elizabeth's for their career and health care. With a lot of change happening to…Read more They Have Chosen

Top 5 Favorite Wedding Details

What are your favorite things about weddings? I love documenting all the details! I get so excited when the time comes to go to the reception hall. I love walking around and photographing all the love and thought you put into this big day! If I had to choose I think my top 5 favorite…Read more Top 5 Favorite Wedding Details

Styled Workshop Fun and Soakin’ Up Some Knowledge

BlogI was able to attend a styled workshop in Bloomington this past weekend that was so inspiring! It was so great to see another point of view and see how each photographer goes through their sessions. I love hearing how each artist tells their client's stories. It was so nice to meet a few more…Read more Styled Workshop Fun and Soakin’ Up Some Knowledge