On this dreary and wet Saturday morning, lets go back to the week in October when it was sunny and 70 degrees!

I met Lauren downtown Wabasha to start off her senior session. Town was buzzing with everyone enjoying the last of the fall festivities. Luckily we live along the beautiful river valley and can take advantage of this photogenic backdrop.

I was so happy this wonderful lady and her mom reached out to me for photos.




Very fun to use the brick walls found among the city businesses. An easy photo idea that you can incorporate for a diverse background and prop.



…too many favorites of this beauty.


She has such a glowing smile

….especially when mom is the one who brings it out of her!



Lauren was a trooper when I asked her to roam around in my sand burr infested fields.

The light was warm and soft by the time we ventured out to my house. All the tall grass and touch of fall color in the leaves paired well with what I had envisioned for these photographs.


Ill leave this last one here……



Thank you Lauren for letting me photograph you!

Enjoy your last year of high school!!


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