Top 5 Favorite Wedding Details

What are your favorite things about weddings?

I love documenting all the details!

I get so excited when the time comes to go to the reception hall. I love walking around and photographing all the love and thought you put into this big day!

If I had to choose I think my top 5 favorite details to photograph are:

<< The Rings >>

<< Flowers >>

<< Cake or deserts >>

<< Centerpieces >>

<< Bouquet accessories >>


Make sure you let your photographer know all the little details you want documented on your special day.

This doesn’t just go for weddings either, make sure you get detail photographs with any session you do!

<< The curls in your baby’s hair >>

<< The bow tie on your little guy >>

<< Holding hands with the love of your life >>

<< Eyelashes of your newborn >>

<< Legs tangled and curled up >>

Cherish the Moments

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